Faculty & Staff Contacts

Use the directory below to get in contact with our staff. 

This directory only contains email addresses. To get in touch with us by phone, please check out our Contact page.

Matthew Morris

Social Studies Instructor

Email: mmorris@bluehills.org

Joann Murphy

Lead Design and Visual Communications Instructor

Email: jmurphy@bluehills.org

Patricia Murphy

Mathematics Instructor

Email: tmurphy@bluehills.org

Brenda Neret


Email: bneret@bluehills.org

Jane O'Malley

Lead Social Studies Instructor

Email: jo'malley@bluehills.org

Laura O'Reilly

Lead Guidance Counselor

Email: lo'reilly@bluehills.org

Jonathan Palmer

Lead Mathematics Instructor

Email: jpalmer@bluehills.org

Ana Peach

Spanish Instructor

Email: apeach@bluehills.org

Quinn Peters

Social Studies Instructor

Email: qpeters@bluehills.org

Julie Pica

Attendance Secretary

Email: jpica@bluehills.org

Kim Poliseno

Cooperative Education Coordinator

Email: kpoliseno@bluehills.org

Grace Quiterio

English Language Arts Instructor

Email: gquiterio@bluehills.org

Charles Reilly

Special Education Instructor

Email: creilly@bluehills.org

Michelle Resendes

Business Manager

Email: mresendes@bluehills.org

Jill Rossetti


Email: jrossetti@bluehills.org