Faculty & Staff Contacts

Use the directory below to get in contact with our staff. 

This directory only contains email addresses. To get in touch with us by phone, please check out our Contact page.

Nandine Timperio

Accounting/Payroll Assistant

Email: ntimperio@bluehills.org

Sarah Titus

Guidance Instructor

Email: stitus@bluehills.org

Katherine Touafek

School to Careers Partnership Instructor

Email: ktouafek@bluehills.org

Linda Varraso

Culinary Arts Instructor

Email: lvarraso@bluehills.org

Courtney Wall

Administrative Assistant to Academic Director

Email: cwall@bluehills.org

Wapaemi Wariboko

Social Studies Instructor

Email: wwariboko@bluehills.org

Joanne Wayland

Design and Visual Communications Instructor

Email: jwayland@bluehills.org

Brendan Welch

Lead Criminal Justice Instructor

Email: bwelch@bluehills.org

Lauren White

Mathematics Instructor

Email: lwhite@bluehills.org

Steve Williams

Lead Automotive Technology Instructor

Email: swilliams@bluehills.org

Brad Willis

Graphic Communications Instructor

Email: bwillis@bluehills.org

Jason Winchell

Mathematics Instructor

Email: jwinchell@bluehills.org

Jessica Woodbury

Athletic Trainer

Email: jwoodbury@bluehills.org

Colleen Zentz

Cosmetology Instructor

Email: czentz@bluehills.org

Geoffrey Zini


Email: gzini@bluehills.org