Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome



Principal - Jill M. Rossetti

Blue Hills Regional Technical School

Dear Families, Parents, Students, Staff and Friends: 

Welcome! I hope you had an enjoyable summer.  On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff, I would like to welcome back our new and returning students and their families.  I am very excited and truly honored to be a part of the Blue Hills family - and I hope that you feel that way, too! We pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere.

We believe that learning is built on strong relationships, high expectations and experiences that engage and empower our students. This is where students create their future, whether it’s college, career, or military.  We offer a competitive advantage for our students. When you walk in the door at Blue Hills, you are greeted by our warm security booth officer and hospitable secretaries in each department. Our teachers greet their students in the hallway. Our staff has high expectations and in our academic and vocational classes, there are a lot of hands-on experiences that keep our students interested. I enjoy dropping into classrooms and programs, visiting the job site and being in the hallways. I enjoy listening to students, teachers, families and the community because together, we can accomplish so much more. 

At Blue Hills, we believe in relationships first. Everyone knows you never learn from someone you don’t like. Our vocational teachers really get to know our students over a three-and-a-half-year period for six hours per day every other week. The relationships that they form last a lifetime.

We have several new teachers to welcome, support and nurture this year. Many of them are vocational instructors. Some are filling positions that opened due to retirements or because people moved on to a new job in administration. Our mentors will be assisting our new teachers throughout the school year. My advice to them is to always seek advice from a colleague who loves his or her job! Mentees should also try to observe their mentor teachers at least once a quarter to see best effective practices, various instructional strategies and types of formal and informal assessments. Another piece of advice to our new teachers is to find balance between work and home life. Don’t try to do too much and don’t stay up too late. Try out new things, even if they do not work.

Welcome to all our new hires:

  • Nicole Moscone – English Language Arts teacher
  • Stefanie McNeill - Early Education and Care
  • Donald Conaghan - Computer Technology
  • Colleen Zentz - Cosmetology
  • Kathleen Dowd - Health Assisting
  • Richard Mascarenhas - Electrical
  • David Blakeley - Construction Technology
  • Jennifer Hardy - Engineering
  • Peggy Hall – Guidance Secretary

I never seem to have enough time to do all the reading that I would like to do during the year! I hope you have read some great books and can share with me some great reads.  Here are some of the books I enjoyed reading this summer:

  • “To the New Neighbors” by Madeleine Blais
  • “All the Little Liars” by Charlene Harris
  • “Lead with Culture” by Jay Billy
  • “So You Want to Talk about Race” by Ijeoma Oluo
  • “The Dark Protectors” (Books 1-4) by Rebecca Zanetti
  • “The Plant Paradox” by Steven Gundry
  • “I’ve Got Sand in all the Wrong Places” by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella
  • “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter” by Erika L. Sanchez
  • “Come Sundown” by Nora Roberts
  • “Dolphins in Trees” by Aaron L. Polansky
  • “We Were the Lucky Ones” by Georgia Hunter
  • “Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning” by Mike Schmoker
  • “Don’t Suspend Me!  An Alternative Discipline Toolkit” by Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan and John E. Hannigan
  • “Six Years” by Harlen Coben

This year, we will continue working on social emotional learning because we must teach social skills and behavior just as we teach reading, problem solving, math and writing. We also must be cognizant of students’ mental health challenges.

There are many exciting things happening this year.  As many of you know we have a huge renovation happening at Blue Hills which is being phased over approximately two years.  Student and staff safety are our main priority.  Most of the vocational programs have been improved over the summer, including new windows, floors, and mechanical systems. The locker rooms by the main gym are also under renovation and the pool, pool locker room and laundry will be offline until further notice. As we go through different phases of construction, please avoid all taped-off areas and exit the building by 3:20 pm. Supervised sports teams may practice.  We appreciate your patience during our renovation and we hope that in the end, the results will be well worth all the disruptions.

Please feel free to reach out if you have a question, suggestion or if we can be of any assistance. We look forward to meeting and working with you during this school year.


Jill Rossetti





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